Project Complete! 💯

Published: 9/27/2023

A Spec Site Finally Gets Built!

I’ve not had the best luck in the past making websites for organizations that didn’t ask for them. Imagine that! But I can’t help myself. Making simple websites is a thing I can do, and when I get involved with a club or org that has a bad website, I want to make it better. The tech is the easy part; people are the hard part.

After fits and starts, I convinced F3 to give me a shot at making them a new website. The old site was hosted on Wordpress. Wordpress was injecting ads, and the club had never purchased a domain. The core vitals, shockingly, weren’t bad, but the mobile design could have been better. The site needs to serve as an introduction to the club. It also needs to communicate the schedules for the different club meetings.

I used Astro 2.0 for the frontend, along with TailwindCSS. I used Svelte for the Schedules page to provide state and reactivity. I used Sanity on the backend so that club members could add content.

It was a real learning experience!